Health Insurance Options

Obtaining Health Insurance these days can be confusing. We at ACA Enroll are up to date on information regarding the law and can help you review and weigh the options available to you or your business. We are certified and licensed and able to provide you with advice in your choice of coverage.

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We can provide help in understanding and obtaining coverage for the following products:

Major Medical Health Insurance

Major Medical Health Insurance

Major Medical insurance would adhere to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

We can find affordable on and off exchange policies with top national and regional carriers to suit your needs. We can even help you determine if you qualify for a subsidy to help you offset the costs of health insurance.

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Telemedicine provides individuals access to U.S. based physicians 24/7/365, over the phone or by video chat.

Cost is $110 a year (or just $12.50 if paid monthly) for unlimited access.
  • A physician will contact you in UNDER FIVE MINUTES on average
  • Available to you and up to seven additional family members
  • There are no additional fees or copays for your calls.
  • Save time and money in physician visits, copays and out-of-pocket costs
  • Physician provides diagnosis conveniently over the phone or video chat
  • Prescriptions called into pharmacy when appropriate*
* Normal prescription costs would apply. This service does not prescribe controlled substances or lifestyle drugs.

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TeleMedicine Services available for Employer Groups. Call for pricing.
Short Term Major Medical

Short Term Major Medical

Short Term plans are temporary coverage with limited benefits.

You may be young or in good health, but no one is invincible. An accident or unexpected illness can still strike and they don’t wait until you have the financial resources to combat them. If you are in need of a temporary solution for health insurance, make sure you have low cost coverage to fill in the gap. Short Term Medical provides you with the temporary coverage needed to prevent an unexpected threat to your health from becoming a financially-crippling incident.
Limited Benefit Plans

Limited Benefit Plans

Limited Benefit plans are an affordable option for everyday health care needs.

They are a viable solution to the rising cost of health care and offer three different levels of first dollar benefits.
Accident Hospital

Accident Hospital

Guaranteed Issue!

These are plans that pay for a specific amount for particular ailment. If you are admitted to a hospital due to an accident, you will receive $200 per day for up to 90 days. If the treatment you require is necessary for you to be admitted to the intensive care unit or burn unit, you will receive an additional $200 per day for up to 30 days. That's as much as $400 per day! In addition, if you require emergency treatment from an accident without an overnight stay, the plan will pay you $150 per visit.
Critical Illness

Critical Illness

Buy up to $50,000 in Critical Illness Insurance.

The plan pays benefits when a policyholder is diagnosed with any of the following dreaded diseases: cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and organ transplant. The full benefit is paid out upon diagnosis, with no restrictions on how the money is to be used. For an additional premium, applicants can choose the Extended Plan, which covers the conditions above but also protects against paralysis, severe burns and loss of sight, speech and hearing. In some states, a Return of Premium Option is also available.